According to  Article 6 of Law no. 2/2006, amended by Law no. 3/2017 on prevention and repression of money laundering  crimes, the following entities are required to establish control systems for  customer due diligence purpose and report suspicious transactions when  detected:

  • Those subject to the supervision of Monetary Authority of Macao;
  • Those subject to the supervision of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, such as entities that operate games of chance, lotteries, mutual bets and promoters of games of chance in casinos;
  • Traders of goods of very high unit value, such as entities trading in pawned objects, precious metals, precious stones and luxury transport vehicles as well as auctioneers;
  • Entities engaged in intermediary activities of real estate or of buying real estate for reselling;
  • Lawyers, solicitors, notaries, registrars, auditors, accountants and tax advisers, when participating or assisting, in the exercise of their professional services, the operation of:
    • Buying  and selling of real property;
    • Managing  of client funds, securities or other assets;
    • Managing of bank, savings or securities accounts;
    • Organization  of contributions necessary for the creation, operation or management of  companies;
    • Creation,  operation or management of legal persons or entities without legal personality  or buying and selling of enterprises.
  • Providers of services, in preparing or performing operations for a customer, within the scope of the following activities:
    1. Acting as an agent in forming legal persons;
    2. Acting  as a director or secretary of a company, a partner or holding of a similar  position in relation to other legal persons;
    3. Providing a registered office, business address, premises,  administrative or postal address for a company, or any other legal person or entities without legal personality;
    4. Acting  as a trustee;
    5. Acting  as a partner of a company on behalf of another person;
    6. Carrying out the measures necessary for a third party to act in the manner prescribed in subparagraphs (2), (4) and (5).