Under  Administrative Regulation no. 7/2006 amended by Administrative Regulation no. 17/2017, different government agencies and  professional bodies are required to issue instructions/ guidelines to entities  with obligation to carry out customer due diligence measures and report suspicious transactions.

The reporting  entities are required to report suspicious transactions within 2 working days  following the performance of such operations to the GIF. It is stipulated in Article 7-B that non-compliance with the duties established in the Administrative Regulation constitutes an administrative offence, which will be punishable with a fine of MOP10,000 (ten thousand patacas) to MOP500,000 (five hundred thousand  patacas), or MOP100,000 (one hundred thousand patacas) to MOP5,000,000 (five  million patacas), depending on whether the offender is a natural or legal  person.

Suspicious transaction reports can be submitted by mail, addressed to:

Financial Intelligence Office Avenida Dr. Mario Soares, nos. 307-323, Edf. Banco da China, 22 andar, Macau

Standard reporting forms should be used when reporting suspicious transactions (please mark your envelope as "Confidential"). The forms can be obtained from the reception counters or << download >> from the websites of relevant supervisory authorities and professional bodies, as well as the GIF.

In addition, "Suspicious transaction reports" can be submitted through Online STR Reporting System. Reporting entities who wish to apply for the electronic submission of STR, please << click here >> to download the application form.

All reporting entities should follow the instructions and guidelines  issued by relevant supervisory authorities and professional bodies, establish  adequate customer due diligence measures and control systems to detect  suspicious transactions.